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An Upcoming Trading Card Game – Gods Unchained

If you haven’t heard about the new trading card game called Gods Unchained then you might want to check this article out. The game started to be developed during the summer of 2018, and its official release took place during the first quarter of 2019. Gods Unchained actually uses the Ethereum blockchain which means every user can trade and sell their cards freely. Users have the same level of ownership as if they were real, tangible cards.

The game called Gods Unchained is only available for people with laptops or desktop computers that are running the preferred oeveryating system. When mobile devices, tablets, and VR technology becomes more accessible in the near future, the company even plans on supporting each platform for their game. You can start by buying packs to get the cards you want on your deck. The packs will also contain hundreds of card sets that will be untradable which are pretty common to all players.

Around more than a million cards have been sold in the market today and over a hundred artists have joined in on the fun in creating the graphics and art in Gods Unchained. There are around 550 cards that you can currently collect right now, but you should expect more cards to be created in the near future. The sale is managed in the browser, but you can also get the game through downloading content.

You need to know that every pack you buy will contain five Gods Unchained cards and each will have a unique Ethereum ERC721 token together with a crypto-collectible. Every card you own is going to be stored using the Ethereum blockchain. The only time you are expected to interact with the system is only when you want to buy brandnew cards or when you want to transfer your existing ones elsewhere.

Time to get into the gameplay of Gods Unchained.

Each battle is done in a one on one match wherein you can choose to fight a real player or a non-player character or computer. Just like any battle type game, your goal is to put your enemy’s life to zero. Each player gets the chance to build decks of cards, and pick a God to play with at the start of the match. There are thirty cards in each deck. The players takes to activate the moves, they get mana and getting cards, then use the regenerative resource called mana to use the cards. Your cards can be creatures, weapons, spells, or even special God cards. You also have access to use God power but, you can only use it once every turn. If you use Ultimates, you can only use that kind of power once every game.
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